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Fall 2023 “Facts and Fiddlings” Now Available

The Faulkner County Historical Society (FCHS) recently published its “Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings” Fall 2023 issue. While members receive their issue via email, others may purchase copies at the Faulkner County Museum.

The new journal features an article on the Peter Paul Loetscher family, written by Dan Durning, a retired Duke University and University of Georgia professor who lives in Washington State. The Loetschers, one of the first homesteaded a 160-acre farm on land today bounded by Continue reading

Mt. Olive/Bedford Chapel Historical Marker Placed for The Colony

Our neighbors with the White County Historical Society have unveiled a historical marker commemorating the history of the area known as The Colony and the founding families of Mount Olive/Bedford Chapel.

The marker, which was unveiled on July 21, 2023, is located at the Mt. Olive/Bedford Chapel Cemetery at 371 Manning Road in the Mount Vernon area.

According to a news release, Bedford Chapel is one of the last remaining signs of the area between Rose Bud and Mount Vernon known as The Colony. Continue reading

FCHS Essay Winner 2023: Sydney Drew Evans

Editor’s Note: This year’s winner of the FCHS Scholarship is Sydney Drew Evans. Daughter of Joseph and Samantha Evans, Sydney recently graduated from Conway High School with a weighted GPA of 4.1522, 38th in her class of 689

My interest in history has influenced not only my academic life but my personal one as well. I’ve always loved learning and gathering information about the world around me, but I’ve found that history is possibly the most valuable asset for the modern person.

My interest in history started with the History Channel and learning about ancient Egyptians and mummies, but I’ve grown far beyond charismatic show hosts and large books made for elementary students. I believe that my penchant for history will be instrumental in both my college and professional career, and far beyond. Continue reading

Only a Memory: Toad Suck Ferry

Editor’s Note: The following article appeared in the Log Cabin Democrat on the occasion of the Toad Suck Ferry being taken to Bull Shoals Lake in 1970.




The Toad Suck Ferry is no more — at least on the Arkansas River, west of Conway. The barge was stripped of its paddlewheels, its pilot’s cabin, and its diesel engine and was packed up last week and sent to Bull Shoals Lake.

Before it will be placed in operation alongside an existing ferry on the Highway 125 crossing at the Missouri-Arkansas line, the barge will be repainted and its power plant reconditioned. Continue reading

Toad Suck Ferry Tales

by Bill Ward

In 1981, Toad Suck Daze was imagined by John Ward while he was managing editor of the Log Cabin Democrat. He conferred with me, as a partner at the time in Ward Advertising Associates with headquarters in the Halter Building, and we put together a team of town folks.

The festival was launched the next spring, 1982, on the Perry County side of the river. Traffic on the bridge was backed up for miles. Continue reading