About the Society

Historical Society's booth at the 2015 Faulkner County Fair, Faulkner County Arkansas
At the Faulkner County Fair

The society (FCHS) was formed in 1959 with the purpose of bringing together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of Faulkner County.

The society disseminates historical information to arouse interest in the county’s past by publishing historical material in its journal (Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings), newspapers, magazines or other media. It also holds meetings and hears addresses and lectures. Other activities include marking historic buildings, sites, and trails.

The society holds an annual meeting and a program of public interest in the spring. This meeting is open to everyone and is advertised widely in the public media. The board of directors comprises ten to twelve members who meet every month to conduct business, hear announcements of interest, review the treasurer’s report, and plan projects and the annual meeting.

The society offers general and lifetime memberships, as well as several publications to help you learn more about Faulkner County’s past.


Officers and Board members of the Faulkner County Historical Society are:

Ree Walker, President
Cindy Beckman, Vice-President
Judy Corcoran, Secretary
Julie Hill, Treasurer
Dr. Amanda Moore
Dr. Bob Reising
Daniel Allen
Dilynn Boyd
Kathey Farley
Melissa Starkey
Terry Halcrombe
Lynita Langley Ware, Museum Director

FCHS Officers – Left to right: Judy Corcoran, Cindy Beckman, Dan Allen, Melissa Starkey, Terry Halcrombe, Kathey Farley, Ree Walker, Dilynn Boyd, and Dr. Bob Reising. Not pictured: Dr. Amanda Moore, Julie Hill, and Lynita Langley Ware