books-and-glasses-pen-publicationsThe society publishes the Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings journal each spring and fall. The journal is available with general memberships. (Download our journal Index here.)

In 2021, the society published a newer, 322-page Faulkner County: Its Land and People: Revisited that includes edited and updated articles from the original 1986 volume, as well as new articles on aspects of the county not included earlier and pictures from the society’s photo collection housed in the UCA Archives. New to this volume is an index, making it easier to locate specific stories or individuals.

The society published the original Faulkner County: Its Land and People, in 1986. The book is no longer in print, but is available on reference at the Faulkner County Library.

In 1990, the society also published the results of a long-term project that targeted active and inactive cemeteries in the county: the Faulkner County, Arkansas Census of Cemeteries As of December 31, 1987.

In collaboration with the Old Conway Preservation Society, the society produced Historic Homes of Conway – A Self-Guided Tour in 2006.