Census of Cemeteries

Copperas Springs Cemetery in Guy, Arkansas
Copperas Springs Cemetery in Guy, Arkansas
Photo by Sondra Johnson, Used with permission.

In 1976, in observance of the Bicentennial of the United States, there was a national effort to conduct censuses of all cemeteries in each county in every state. The Faulkner County Historical Society took the project in 1977 and Hattie Ann Kelso was named as coordinator.

In November of that year, she led the teams in the first two censuses and established the pattern of record-keeping that would be followed. A list was drawn up noting each cemetery, and personal information for each name recorded was written on individual cards.

In 1990, the society published Faulkner County, Arkansas Census of Cemeteries As of December 31, 1987 with information about 110 active, inactive and abandoned cemeteries.

With approximately 200 individuals assisting in the canvass over 12 years, the committee regretted that problems of human error, damaged, weathered or overlooked stones, and incorrect information from family or friends did cause some inaccuracies or omissions.

The book is no longer in print but can be accessed by reference at the Faulkner County Library.