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The Faulkner County Historical Society is pleased to be able to present our county’s history for the use of interested readers. While presenting information is our mission, we regret to say that we are not organized in such a way as to be able to assist with research. Our organization does not have employees or volunteers, nor do we own a facility to house documents and artifacts. However, those may be found in inquiries to the Faulkner County Museum, the Faulkner County Library and our Resources page. (Phone numbers may be found there as well.)

Our “Contact Us” page exists to help with general questions, and the society is happy to help searchers to the best of the members’ abilities.

We wish you successful searches and invite you to leave a message when you have good luck!

Faulkner County Historical Society
PO Box 731
Conway, Arkansas 72033


Or, EMAIL US at [email protected]