Fall 2023 “Facts and Fiddlings” Now Available

The Faulkner County Historical Society (FCHS) recently published its “Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings” Fall 2023 issue. While members receive their issue via email, others may purchase copies at the Faulkner County Museum.

The new journal features an article on the Peter Paul Loetscher family, written by Dan Durning, a retired Duke University and University of Georgia professor who lives in Washington State. The Loetschers, one of the first homesteaded a 160-acre farm on land today bounded by Oak Street, 5th Avenue, 6th Street, and Ingram Street.

Peter Paul was one of a handful of pioneer winemakers in Arkansas. Active in civic affairs, he was one of 30 residents who signed the petition to create the city of Conway in 1875. He also served as a Justice of the Peace. Unfortunately, during Prohibition, he met a violent death at the hands of an unhappy customer.

Retired Little Rock lawyer Bob Lyford also contributed an article about his aunt, Ione Williams McClain who was the first librarian and the new Faulkner County Library, opened in early 1939 after the WPA renovated the old jail next to the Faulkner County Courthouse.

Also included in the issue is the text of the 2023 FCHS winning scholarship essay, written by Sydney Drew; a tribute to Jerry Boyer, FCHS board member who passed away in June; and a short biography of Dr. Maude Carmichael, past FCHS board member who was instrumental in moving the dogtrot cabin to its current location. The historical society recently recognized Dr. Carmichael by purchasing a Faulkner County Museum legacy walk brick with her name on it.

Faulkner County’s 150th birthday celebration was one for the books and this issue recaps some of the events that took place during the four-day event as well as an update on follow-up activities. Faulkner County Museum Director Lynita Langley-Ware gives readers an update on the 150th time capsule as well as the upcoming Museum Holiday Open House on October 28, 10-2.