Faulkner County: Its Land and People Revisited

Faulkner County: Its Land and People Revisited is the newest publication of the Faulkner County Historical Society. Published locally by Crossman Printing in Conway, this is an heirloom you will cherish and be able to pass on to your children and your children’s children.

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This new 322-page edition includes edited and updated articles from the original volume, Faulkner County: Its Land and People, published in 1986, as well as new articles on aspects of the county not included earlier. Pictures from the society’s photo collection housed in the UCA Archives are also included. New to this volume is an index, making it easier to locate specific stories or individuals.

Our goal was to provide readers with an affordable and manageable version, so some sections of the nearly 500-page book published in 1986, such as the community histories, church histories and pioneer family histories, were not included at this time. They may be published in later volumes at a future date or reprinted in Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings, the society’s historical journal.

A downloadable order form can be found below. Cost is $30 per book plus $8.55 shipping (if needed). Make checks payable to Faulkner County Historical Society.

Order Form: Faulkner County: Its Land and People Revisited

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