Arkansas’ New Historical Marker Program

Arkansas has a new state Department of Arkansas Heritage program that will likely increase the number of historical markers across the state. Arkansas currently has at least 558 historical markers.

The new program states that “a marker must commemorate a historic person, place or event, and significance must have been attained at least 50 years ago. The markers are required to be sponsored by civic groups and organizations, such as chambers of commerce, historical societies or individuals partnering with those organizations.

The cost of the markers will be split between the Department of Arkansas Heritage and the sponsoring organization, according to the department. The cost will be $1,850 for a one-sided marker or $1,950 for a two-sided marker, with a one-time maintenance fee of $250.”

The Department of Arkansas Heritage plans to spend up to $10,000 this fiscal year, with each marker costing the state about $1,000. Fiscal 2018 ends June 30, and funding comes from a conservation tax of $240,000 a year.

A designated historical marker program review committee holds final approval authority for markers, which will all be manufactured by a vendor selected by the department. More information on the program is available on the department’s website.

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