Through the Cabin Window – September, 2017

100 YEARS AGO, September, 1917

♦  Work was begun on remodeling and redecorating the interior of the Terry Drug Store, owned by Howard Terry. A white tile floor would be laid in the front and extended back as far as the parlor. The rest of the floor would be concrete. In addition to the cold drink fountain, Mr. Terry would install an up-to-date luncheonette and would serve light lunches at all hours of the day.

♦  From the Greenbrier column: “School started Monday with an enrollment of 75. Some of our young married men who haven’t smiled since they were called in the selective draft have found sufficient courage to laugh since the order to exempt married men has been received.

75 YEARS AGO, September, 1942

♦  Moving to alleviate a teacher shortage in small rural schools, the state board of education extended for another year the emergency one-year teaching permits which authorized persons with 12 semester hours college work to instruct in certain unrated schools without taking the state board examination.

♦  The Log Cabin Democrat celebrated the 34th anniversary of the daily edition. The first issue was published on September 14, 1908.

♦  C.C. Reynolds bought the W.A. Sullivan grocery at the corner of Van Ronkle and Markham and would operate the business with his rummage house and cotton office.

50 YEARS AGO, September, 1967

♦  Jill Gordy, Marilyn Stanford and Mary Lee Stoltz left for Fayettville to start their freshman year at the University of Arkansas.

♦  Pupils enrolled at Bluebird Kindergarten were Ellen Smith, Maureen Murphy, Julie Johnson, Paul Johnson, Janet Lancaster, Bentley Pew, Phillip Gibson, David Browning, Paul Dawson, Joseph Thompson, Leigh Ann Paul, Katie McKinney, Scott Warren, Laura McConnell, Kay Cathy and Jeff Bates. Mrs. Russell A. Stewart was the teacher.

♦  New CHS instructors were C.D. Taylor, George Turner, Dora Lamey, Joe Fred Young, Mrs. Bill Patterson, Doyle Jackson, Ann Kinser, Cheryl Denton, and Mrs. Mac Benton.

25 YEARS AGO, September, 1992

♦  Tommy “Pork Chop” Markham, native of Conway, was featured in a front-page article. His mother, Lucybelle Markham, gave him a drum set when he was 12. Forty years later, he was retired and operating a drum shop, Pro Percussion, in Madison, TN, a suburb of Nashville. He was honored in July after 30 years as Conway Twitty’s drummer. He was home over the Labor Day weekend.

♦  Glenn Cannon of Conway was presented a plaque for donating 112 units, or 14 gallons, of blood during his life. He had been donating blood since 1950.

10 YEARS AGO, September, 2007

♦  Seventh grader Marcus Lindsey is pictured looking over an artifact during Julie Hill’s geography class at Bob Courtway Middle School. The “My Wonderful World” campaign, led by National Geographic, aimed to show students the importance of geography.

♦  Star Wars characters were on hand at Chili’s for the restaurant’s fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

♦  Wes Craiglow of the Conway Planning Department gave meeting attendees a sneak peek at a parking deck design proposal. The deck, which would be on the southwest corner of Front and Main would extend north over Main, creating a tunnel through which the street would run.

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