Through the Cabin Window – May, 2017

100 YEARS AGO, May, 1917

♦  Conway School Board hired three teachers to replace three who were leaving at the end of the school year. Mrs. W.E. Moore of Little Rock, Miss Effie Harrison of Plumerville and Miss Myrtle Lewellyn of Conway were hired to teach in the Conway district for the next school year. Mrs. Moore previously taught in Iowa while Miss Harrison taught in Magnolia. Miss Lewellyn previously taught in Mansfield and Mena. She graduated from State Normal School four years ago.

75 YEARS AGO, May, 1942

♦  The Chamber of Commerce office was moved from city hall to 1207 Oak Street where it occupied the space with Conway Refrigeration Company. At its breakfast meeting, the Chamber’s board of directors declined to take a definite stand on the Thursday half-holiday question but left it up to individual merchants. Conway stores, since 1928, have closed each Thursday afternoon during the months of June, July and August.

♦  Mrs. Rosa Martin, a widow of Cecil C. Martin and employed at Hinton’s store the past several years, was named deputy county clerk. She succeeded L.B. Dawson who accepted a position at Marche.

50 YEARS AGO, May, 1967

♦  New officers for the Beta Epilson chapter of Beta Sigma Phi were Mrs. Pete Townsend, president; Mrs. Charles Bader, first vice-president; Mrs. Harley O. Weatherly, second vice-president; Mrs. Jim Baldus, extension officer; Mrs. Troy Reynolds, treasurer; Mrs. James Ware, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Bob Fawcett, recording secretary.

♦  The top four grades were closed at Pine Street School. The 67 students who had elected to remain at Pine Street for the 1967-68 school year would be absorbed into the junior and senior high schools, beginning the last year of a three-year freedom of choice plan for integration.

25 YEARS AGO, May, 1992

♦  Vivian Lawson Adams and Gerald Hogue announced they would be married June 11 at Green Chapel on the Hendrix College Campus.

♦  Engagement announcements were also made by Sonja Clinesmith and Thomas Keith, who would be married August 15.

♦  The Community Recycling Committee said that only certain types of plastic would be recycled in its monthly drives. Codes for No.1 and No.2 plastics were designated in a triangular recycling symbol on the bottom of the container. The drives were held at Kroger on the first Saturday of each month.

10 YEARS AGO, May, 2007

♦  Acxiom announced that it had entered into an agreement to be acquired by ValueAct Capital and Silver Lake in a $3 billion transaction. ValueAct was one of the largest investment firms that made strategic block and control investments in public and private companies. Silver Lake was a leading investment firm focused on large-scale investments in technology-driven growth industries.

♦  Deputy Prosecuting Attorney David Clark was named Division 5 Circuit Judge for Judicial District 20. Clark, a 39 year old graduate of Conway High School and UCA, graduated sixth in his law class at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1994.

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