Through the Cabin Window – November, 2016

100 YEARS AGO, November 4, 1916

♦  The first “home grown” celery ever marketed in Conway was brought here today by C. C. Sherrill, who lives six miles east of Clinton in Van Buren County. Mr. Sherrill has three quarters of an acre planted in celery, from which he said he expects to realize about $800. Mr. Sherrill brought a wagonload of celery to Conway and sold it for 5 cents a bunch.

75 YEARS AGO, November 11, 1941

♦  Tomorrow – Armistice Day – will be only partially observed as a holiday at Conway. The day will be taken as a holiday by most of the stores, it was said, but several, including at least one department store, will remain open for business. The public schools will remain in session. The courthouse, post office and bank announced they will all observe the holiday.

50 YEARS AGO, November, 1966

♦  Rep. Wilbur D. Mills announced from Washington, D.C. the awarding of a grant amounting to approximately $1.5 million to assist in a $2.8 million expansion program at the Arkansas Children’s Colony in Conway. The Colony, established in 1959 to train children whose needs could not be met in public schools, is operated by the state through a Board of Directors appointed by the governor. In addition to the new construction at Conway, it is hoped the board will be able to enter into a program for establishing units at Arkadelphia and elsewhere in the state.

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