Fall 2016 Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings

If it is diverse reading subjects and styles you like, then the current issue of the Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings may be what you’re looking for.

For fifty-six years the Faulkner County Historical Society has published a journal twice a year with articles of county interest, geographical and historical significance, and even occasional humor in each issue. The stories continue to abound, thanks to the Faulkner County citizens who submit them. And the fall 2016 issue of the Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings is no different.

It may be that you have missed observing some of our local historic names and dates as you passed buildings in Conway or the county. Editor Vivian Lawson Hogue gives a history of the various types of commemorative markers that are present on our buildings and their properties in her article “Cornerstones, Markers and Entablatures.”

Another article showcases the humorous and sometimes poignant stories as can only be told by Joe D. Ward. Ward, a local native, author and son of the well-known Roy and Mamie Ward singing family, has composed reminiscences of his growing-up years and through his career, his fatherhood, and into his retirement in “From Needs Creek to Yucca Flat and Back.” Joe is known for his books with their homespun, spiritual and humorous flavors, as well as his country cooking. In fact, he is currently working on a cookbook.

The history of one of Conway’s pioneer Catholic families is the subject of Nancy Breeden Mitchell’s “The John and Josephine Rumker Walter Family,” told by two elderly descendants in an interview format. Mitchell is the granddaughter of Teresa Marie Rumker.

The article, accompanied by family pictures, illustrates the day-to-day lives of farm families with tales of crops and harvest, children’s games, home life, and holiday celebrations, while at the same time letting the reader understand the hard work that went into making a living by farming. Their land that once was tilled and sowed to support a large family is today the location of several housing and business developments, south and east from Dave Ward Drive and South German Lane.

Another article contains an update on the Bass gravestone as mentioned in a story by
author Charles Parsons in the Fall 2015 issue.

Museum Director Lynita Langley Ware has an update on summer activities at the museum as well as future renovations on the building. She also explains future exciting events coming up such as the celebration of the building’s 120-year birthday. A commemorative Christmas ornament will soon be available to signify this milestone.

The Fall 2016 issue of Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings is available at the Faulkner County Library for $4.

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