Through the Cabin Window – July, 2016

100 YEARS AGO, July, 1916

♦  A terrific bolt of lightning completely shattered an oak tree two feet in diameter close to the residence of C.H. Newbern, on Center street, during a thunderstorm yesterday evening. The bolt struck the big tree near the top and split it into bits all the distance to the ground. The telephone and electric lights in Mr. Newbern’s home were put out of commission by the lightning, but no one was injured.

75 YEARS AGO, July, 1941

♦  Jerome Greene, son of Dr. C.J. Greene, vice president of Hendrix college and an alumnus of Hendrix, joined the editorial staff of Time Inc., publisher of Time, Life, Fortune and Architectural magazines. Greene formerly was a member of the editorial staff of the Arkansas Gazette and the Chicago Daily News.

Thomas Paladino, 23, was hospitalized after he was injured in an explosion at Steed’s Laundry, 1015 Front St. The explosion occurred when Paladino tried to light a pilot light on a boiler.

50 YEARS AGO, July, 1966

♦  TV programming for the day included the following: the Jack LaLanne Show at 7 a.m., followed by Bugs Bunny and His Buddies and Romper Room at 8 a.m. Other shows included Ben Casey, Supermarket Sweep, the Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, Dark Shadows and the Twilight Zone, the last of which aired from 5-6 p.m.