Spring 2016 Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings

The spring edition of the Faulkner County Historical Society’s Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings journal is now available. The issue highlights the origin and long-time service of Hiegel Lumber Company; the beginnings and assimilation of the St. Joseph Colony; Conway’s last milk man, Neidth Nooner; and one of the county’s original entrepreneurial families, the Thomas and Jane Carter family of Holland.

Cindy Burnett Beckman, retired from teaching social studies at Conway High School, authors the in-depth article on Conway’s popular Hiegel Lumber Company which served the city, county and surrounding areas for 87 years.

“The Anchor of Faith: Cultural Preservation and Assimilation in the St. Joseph Colony (1890-1930)” is the research work of Kyle Zinno, a graduate student at the University of Central Arkansas and former intern at the Faulkner County Museum. Retired educator Bill Thomas reminisces about the Dean Milk Company’s last milk delivery man, Neidth Nooner, and historian and teacher Charles D. Parsons, writes about the Carter family who began some of the county’s earliest businesses prompted by its cotton economy.

“Doin’s At The Museum” is submitted by Director Lynita Langley-Ware, and the article includes the latest accomplishments and exhibits, the museum’s recent grant award, November’s successful open house that was enhanced by UCA History Service-Learning Students, and participation in celebrating Arkansas Archaeology Month with an “Artifact ID Day.”

Another article summarizes the society’s annual meeting in March that featured performances of American folk dancing by Greenbrier dancers David and Donna Peterson as well as regional music played on both lap and hammered dulcimer by Steve Lance and his son, Harry. The issue also contains information about membership in the organization.

The issue is available for $4 at the Faulkner County Museum, the Faulkner County Library, or by calling 501 329-8584.

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