Fall Family History Genealogy Workshop

The Village Genealogy Society of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, presents the 2016 Fall Family History Workshop Saturday, September 17, featuring Cari Taplin, a certified genealogist and researcher. It will be held at the Coronado Center, 150 Ponderosa Lane, in Hot Springs Village.

Topics will include “How to Jump Over and Go Around Census Hurdles;” “From Deeds to Dirt,” “Analyzing Research and Maps;” “Finding Your Ancestors Through Their Friends, Neighbors and Associates,” and “Migration Research Methods.”

The workshop fee is $35, and a box lunch costs $8. See the Village Genealogy Society website for registration form and information, box lunch selections and directions. You may bring your own lunch if you prefer.

Mail form by September 7th to ensure lunch and a syllabus. Email wpatters133@gmail.com, or call 501-922-6965.

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