Governor Seeks History Commission Shift

Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office announced last week the Governor’s intention to switch the Arkansas History Commission out from under the Arkansas Parks and Tourism Department to the Department of Arkansas Heritage.

Spokesman J.R. Davis couldn’t say when the shift — which requires the approval of the Arkansas Legislature — would happen. He noted several ongoing reviews by members of the Arkansas Building Authority, the finance department and others, saying “Before we ask the Legislature to consider specific changes, it is important to have a long-range plan for the Commission.”

Neither the History Commission Director nor the Arkansas Heritage Director had public comments to make after the announcement; however Parks and Tourism Director Kane Webb said Hutchinson seeks a “better fit” with the Department of Arkansas Heritage would increase the visibility of both the commission and the records it stores. For more information, see the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Governor: Heritage ‘better fit’ for history.”

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