Winter 2021 Facts & Fiddlings Highlights Church’s Long History

First Baptist Church celebrated a milestone this year, the sesquicentennial (150 years) of its founding in 1871. A reprint of a Faulkner County: Its Land and People (1986) article by Corinne Westerfield Hilliard Robinson on the history of the church is the feature article for this Winter 2021 edition of Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings. Editor Cindy Beckman has also updated the article to include the church’s more recent history.

Mrs. Robinson’s family members had been consistent members of the church since 1878. She was faithful in documenting the history of the church as well as many other aspects of Faulkner County, contributing many articles to the 1986 county history book. Readers will enjoy learning a little more about one of Faulkner County’s premier historians.

Finding your place to serve in a local church is important. That is why we included this article about Lee Oria Glenn Donnell, wife of local pharmacist James Riley Donnell, who impacted the lives of so many in her church—especially her Sunday school class of eight-year-old boys. May you be inspired to follow her example.

This issue concludes with an update on the Faulkner County Historical Society’s activities and plans for the future. Jimmy Bryant, Director of the Division or Arkansas Heritage and former UCA Archivist, will be the keynote speaker for the society’s Annual Meeting in the spring. A date will be announced soon.

Lynita Langley Ware, Director of the Faulkner County Museum also has provided an update on what’s going on at the museum—from renovation plans to Quilt Trails.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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